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1. Engagement

2. Day After Adventure

Your Wedding Day

3. The Details & Getting Ready - The Girls

4. The Details & Getting Ready -The Guys

5. Just Her

6. First Look

7. Wedding Party

8. Family Pictures

9. The Ceremony

10. The Reception


Engagement sessions are essential to every wedding package, as it helps you be more comfortable in front of the camera, and we get to build a relationship before your wedding day.

The images captured at your engagement session, are your real images that you have as a couple together, how you are together in your day to day life - very different than what you get from your pictures on your wedding day, or in your wedding attire.

Your life is about to change - after your wedding  & the honeymoon, life will settle, and you'll go on with your normal pace, your normal selves - but the images captured of you both together, will be one of the most memorable to last.


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Day After Adventure Session

These are a blast!  Adventure Sessions are when couples want to venture into gorgeous scenery & locations to get their professional images done on a separate day before or after their wedding day. This ensures that their time on the wedding day is focused on their wedding and their guests.   It is the epic event you've anticipated and planned meticulously and you have a few hours with your guests... 

This is a wonderful option to help alleviate the stress of the very most important day of your life, and enjoy it to the maximum.  

The dress that the bride chooses on her wedding day, is usually the dress that she's dreamed of her whole life, and this session enables the bride and the couple the most beautiful photographs to cherish.

This is a 2-3 hour session that I'd highly recommend to make your wedding day focused on your guests!


Your Wedding Day


The details & getting ready:

The Girls

For months you've spent countless hours planning & preparing your wedding day details. Styling the details into pretty pictures is such a favorite of mine!

The Flowers, Shoes, Earrings, Necklace & The Dress

All the fun details!  This includes some images of getting your hair, & makeup done.  



The details & getting ready:

The Guys

Usually this is such a laid back and fun time!  Helps the guys relax with our associate photographer, and meanwhile we get detail shots of the special significant things of his. This is works out well if there is a second photographer! 


Just Her


"There is something about a wedding gown prettier
than any other gown in the world." 

- Douglas Jerrold


In your dressing location, or somewhere close by.  

First look

A modern tradition when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding.

For those that chose to have a first look, this is one of the most romantic moments between you two, when you are alone and see each other for the first time on your wedding day.  
The first look is one of the most emotional, and wonderful moments of your entire wedding.  It relaxes the both of you so much more. It is right before you are about to take your vows of love to each other, and right before the swarm of people - he sees her in the dress of her dreams - his breath is taken away, and - no people, no distractions.  It is at this point, that, I as your photographer leaves, while you both can cherish, & share some moments alone.   It is a modern tradition for the groom to see the bride before the actual ceremony - but a modern twist that I believe is essential, unforgettable & unrepeatable.
After you both have had your moments together, is when we'll capture your "Bride & Groom" Portraits.


A few other reasons why the first look is so wonderful:
  1. Time Alone
  2. Your hair and makeup is best
  3. You can attend your cocktail hour

The biggest question: Will he have the same reaction when I come down the aisle? Yes! In fact, I've seen both much more fully aware of the ceremony that's happening in front of many people, and the couples are much more calm.

 Seeing each other alone before hand is a much more natural and genuine interaction. This gives you both a chance to say what you're thinking, the day, and a great way to calm your nerves.


Bridal Party

We get the bridal party all together - and capture your relationships all the beautiful dresses, and suits, colors & flowers. 


Some classic, yet fun, hip & stylized images.  


Family Pictures!

Next are all your family images - your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins - the ones you haven't seen in a while, or haven't got all in one picture in a long time or ever.  A very important session - that many will want copies of.

You give us the list, and we're checking it off!  Now if you have a first look, you can choose to also do family photos before the ceremony.  This is usually a 30 minute session, and can also be done after the ceremony.   The plus to family photos before the ceremony is the time that you can spend with your guests immediately after the ceremony, but is just as easily done without too much interruption after the ceremony!


The Ceremony:


You've got the classic images of some of the most memorial moments - where she's walking down the aisle - it's your first kiss as husband & wife - your mother's tearing up - classics, yet so treasured & some of the most wonderful photo-journalistic images captured!  

This is when it is really necessary to have two photographers!  


The Reception:




These are the fun shots - my personal favorite is the first dance - the love you see between two as they dance as husband & wife for the first time - it's an experience that not only I share in the emotion of the your moment, but capturing it with my lens - for your keepsake.


"And think not that you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course." -Khalil Gibran

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