Robin & Daniel

5-11-2017 // A Whitefish Lake Engagement // Whitefish, Montana

As I'm trying to get to bed tonight being I have a huge weekend ahead... I just can't.

Today I got to meet these two wonderful people after months of email and phone communications back and forth - and it was Robin's birthday!

Can I just stop, take a moment and say thank you?  I value the clients I meet, the amazing people, adorable couples, the stories, the places I get to photograph.  Okay... now that that's been said...

These two.  Wow!

Robin & Daniel tried to convince me that they were not photogenic.  No, no.  These two are perfect.  (And you must agree with me that Robin has some of the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen!)  Can I say how excited I am for their wedding on Whitefish Lake in just a few months?