Beautiful You - Capturing your unique beauty

Seattle, Washington

This is my sister.  Joy.  Beautiful, soulful, vibrant, she-loves-everyone-and-everyone-loves-her-Joy.

This is beauty: being who you are.  Believing in yourself. Defining yourself.

Being who you are solely and strongly is the most beautiful feature anyone can ask.

This last week I had the opportunity to capture my sister's beauty.  From the inside out, in the gorgeous city of Seattle.  One of my favorite places to visit.  The entire weekend was an experience.  Finding the outfits, trying on beautiful dresses, swirling around in them.

It was her 20th birthday, she moved to Seattle to start school and a whole new life, and it's only flourished in every way imaginable, yet with challenges, as is every "better path" we take in life.  It's making it through the challenges that make us amazing, beautiful, being-all-that-we-can-be human beings.

She's one of them.  One of those amazing beautiful human beings.

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Credits: Pike's Place, Alki Beach, Discovery Park
Hair & Makeup: Joy Mooney
Dress up: Express, Claire's, Love Culture, and everything from her closet! :)
Photo Equip: 70-200mm, TS-45mm, Canon 5DM3