Paige & Vince


A glamourous rustic wedding in Glacier National Park
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Just a little about Paige & Vince:

These two have been so close to my heart from the day we met.  We instantly connected, and I found that both Paige & Vince had some of the biggest, warmest hearts I know!  They had planned their wedding out in detail, making it accommodating for all their guests for the 3 day labor day weekend. They put on one of the most elegant, glamourous weddings, in the setting of Glacier National Park. 

What a dream.  It was an honor to be the one to capture it.  To capture them.  Their friends, their family, their loved ones.


The proposal story from Paige:

"The proposal didn’t go exactly as planned, but couldn’t have been more perfect!  Vince Proposed in Glacier National Park at the end of a hike to Avalanche Lake.  I unknowingly sabotaged Vince’s entire plan from the start.  I wanted to invite my friend Crystal (bridesmaid) to go on the hike, since she had been inviting me to hike all summer long.  I was definitely less than impressed when Vince wouldn’t allow her to come.  When we arrived at Glacier, it started to rain.  It was not ideal hiking weather, so I recommended we drive going-to-the-sun road and stay dry.  It was also 38 degrees in the park that day, and I was wearing capris and a tank top.  Luckily for Vince, the rain turned to a drizzle, so he convinced me to go.  When we got to the lake, there were a ton of tourists, so Vince asked me to hike around the lake to a more secluded area.  I didn’t want to hike around a circular lake to see the exact same lake at the other end.  So, Vince had to convince me again…off we went through the mud.  When we got around the lake, we stopped to rest and drink some water.  I had no idea at the time, but the tourist that randomly popped out of the bushes ruined Vince’s first attempt down on one knee when my back was turned.  Since I was busy taking a picture, I didn’t see it happen.  I kept asking Vince to go, and he continued to say he needed more time to relax.  I said I was ready and started heading back up the hill to the trail, when Vince yelled for me to come back and go another way. 

I was annoyed and nearly slipped in the mud…then I saw him down on one knee. 

Vince stumbled on his words, shook his head, and said “will you marry me?” 

Then in perfect Vince/Paige fashion, we got lost on the way back to the car. I will say it was fun showing my ring off to the park ranger helping us with directions : ) "


One of Paige & Vince's favorite locations is East Glacier - and so is mine!  So a few days after their wedding we ventured out into Glacier National Park - from the west side to the east - we went over the going to the sun road and drove through free range areas... and wow, what an amazing day! 

Special thanks:
Venue: Glacier Raft Company Weddings and Events
Videographer: Ben Murray
Second Photographer: Stella Kelsie Throop
Florals: Mum's Flowers
Cake Artist: Miss PattiCakes
DJ: Sidecar Audio
Photo booth: PIXelated Photobooth Gigs
Makeup Artist: La Vita e Bella
Hair Artist: CS Bridal Styling
Dress designer: Lazaro Wedding Dresses, Marcella's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Willow Bride, Jenny Yoo Annabelle
Groom & Groomsmen: Mimi's Bridal
Bar: Scotty's Bar
Caterer: The Cuisine Machine
Officiant: Sally Ann Seyfried Hanger
Rentals: The Party Store