Stephanie & Andrew

Jeff Fulford - Makeup (Amore' Salon and Spa)
Beth Hegel - Hair (Amore' Salon and Spa)
Rose Mountain Floral - Hair garland, boutonniere and bouquet
Mimi's Bridal - Dress
Location - Glacier National Park

We escaped to Glacier Park for a few hours,just a few weeks after Stephanie and Andrew's wedding day -  capturing these exceptionally epic images.  Uninterrupted from family or friends, and no specific timeline.  Just the two of them, at the location of their choice, in their wedding best.

The people that helped make this happen:

Janet with Rose Mountain Floral, knowing the location, bride and the dress style - designed the bridal hair garland, boutonniere and bouquet to pop beautifully.

Jeff Fulford did an elegant job on Stephanie's makeup - enhancing her beautiful features.

Beth Hegel did an amazing simple hair style that fit perfectly with the garland.

Mimi's Bridal performed magic when finding Stephanie the perfect dress at the last minute.

Stephanie and Andrew had visited Glacier National Park a couple weeks earlier and found this beautiful place.

Magic brought this cloud cover, that made us feel like we were in Ireland or some other world.

From Stephanie & Andrew: 

"The day after our wedding, our families spent the day together in Glacier - exploring and enjoying the summer weather. We stumbled upon a hidden trail and waterfall that Andrew and I had never known was there. We stood there together taking in the majesty of Glacier Park and knew it was where we wanted to have our "day-after" session with Jennifer later that month.  When the time came for our shoot and we ventured up to the spot in our wedding clothes, we couldn't believe how perfect it would turn out to be. Everything was draped in deep greens and vibrant purples. The fog clung to the mountain sides making us feel like we were in a world apart. It was completely silent, and as we stood together on the edge of the water fall all we could hear was the trees grass and water moving in the breeze. It was like only the two of us existed. 

Andrew and I remember that evening like it was a dream, really. It felt like we were whisked away to Ireland. We were able to really focus on how we felt about each other and let it soak in that we were actually husband and wife! We reconnected in a way we never could have except on that foggy hillside.  It was like we went back into ancient times.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had."

There is nothing that quite describes what kind of imagery you can capture getting images done after your wedding day.  I think these speak for themselves...